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A range of exciting products that have revolutionised the hatchery production of clawed lobsters.

About Us

Concept and History

Operating globally, Ocean On Land Technology, which falls under the Cadman Capital Group of companies, supplies clawed lobster hatchery solutions for customers wishing to aid the future of the wild fishery and even entrepreneurs wishing to grow on clawed lobsters to a larger body size. We provide quality clawed lobster hatchery and farming equipment, systems, feeds and consultancy.  

Our Hatchery-in-a-Box (HIB) includes leading lobster farming technology, from holding broodstock lobsters to larval and juvenile rearing. Fitted with our full-scale, modular Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS), the HIB is compact and can be fitted in 20ft or 40ft sea containers pending customer requirements. The HIB is a plug and play concept, insulated, temperature-controlled, easily-installed and moveable to other sites should future requirements change.

One of our most popular lobster farming solutions is the revolutionary Aquahive® product, that is not only space efficient but also optimises clawed lobster survival rates throughout the juvenile phase. We also provide recirculating, broodstock and larval rearing systems to individuals and groups who wish to develop local lobster fisheries.

Lobster Lifecycle And Ecology

An adult clawed lobster takes 5 - 7 years to fully develop. At this stage, a female lobster can hold up to 20,000 eggs under her tail, constantly tending to them to ensure they remain healthy for 9 - 12 months until they are released into the water column. For 21 - 24 days post-release and during the first three stages of development in the wild, the planktonic clawed lobster larvae are highly vulnerable to predators. Less than 1% actually survive in the wild through to stage IV, where they begin to resemble a small clawed lobster of 20mm in total length.  

Clawed lobsters can be reared on-land successfully, through our innovative system design for the complete lobster life cycle (broodstock holding and maturation, larval and juvenile clawed lobster development). Our team of lobster, hatchery and nutrition professionals are continuously innovating the products we offer to further improve success rates and operator experiences.  

With our innovative hatchery solutions, HIB, and patented Aquahive® product, users of our systems are releasing more clawed lobsters back into the wild to develop local coastal fisheries, supporting coastal communities now and hopefully well into the future. 

and Benefits

Our range of hatchery products, including the innovative and compact HIB product, has revolutionised the industry.

All our systems are independent and have their own specialised RAS.

Our team of professionals design, install and service our complete product range. We also offer a training centre through Orkney Shellfish Hatchery, allowing present and future customers to witness first-hand how to operate our products.

Research and Development

Our professional team continues to adapt our hatchery products to meet customer requirements. Innovation is key, which is why we have invested not only in developing a training centre for our present and future customers, but so we can also provide an area where our team of professionals can develop our product range into a truly complete hatchery solution.

We are constantly conducting research within the aquaculture industry to ensure we produce the most advanced and up-to-date solutions.

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Patent Technology

Ocean On Land Technology builds value by protecting its innovative technology. As a progressive company we want to succeed in everything we do, which is why we have invested in a talented team of professionals to continually improve our existing product range and develop new products. These products can be accessed by both our existing and new customers, providing a greater user/operator experience that leads to greater yields from the hatcheries.

The design of our individual 
Aquahive® system borrows from nature in the form of a honeycomb. 

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